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evolution control committee

here is a page dedicated to the less-heard music of the evolution control committee, a really good band whose sometimes brilliant early work is puzzlingly difficult to locate.

on this page you will only find tracks that are not readily available anywhere else on the internet or via recorded media. If you'd like more, visit these pages, which contain a whole album (gunderphonic) and some excellent recent tracks, respectively:

The Virtual Gunderphone!
ECC -=- Sounds

disclaimer: the following is the mp3 collection of a diligent filesharer. titles may be incorrect, occasional songs may not be complete (although every effort has been made to obtain the most perfect copies available), and sound quality may not be up to the original in any medium. due to the lack of information on the internet about the ecc, dates of first appearances of songs may be incorrect. please, email me at virago317 (at) yahoo dot com if you have more information on anything listed here, or if you'd like to trade stuff with me (i have lots more).

ok, now on with the show...

from jesu, boy of man's desiring (1989)

conjunction junction
spread the diagonal chicken
time-life commercial

from the USENET mind/body compilation (1992)

the industrial polka

from the how to worship mosquitoes compilation (1993)

bombs and rectangles

from the decontructing beck compilation (1998)

one beck in the grave

from buddha bleach (1990)

bred, right, and woo
cabooses on crack
dan quayle
die abenteur dem traumer
everything turns grey
have some candy 1990
k-tel commercial
third floor
throw your landlord out the window
time-life commercial 2

other stuff whose date is not certain but which is probably from before 1994 (the last being of more recent indeterminate date)

dominion mother russia
great balls
killer comet cam puss puss
roolf driht
scapegoat soup (evil toy mix)

songs possibly not by the ecc (although attributed to them when found via p2p networks)

raped by meat (meatTM mix)
raped by VHS (meatTM mix)

and last but not least, a song that is now known not to be by the ecc. however, despite this, it's too good not to share. it is by an experimental/collage band called inclitorotti. warning: contains the word "marijuana."


please contact virago317 (at) yahoo dot com if you have any issues with this website.