please click on the links below to stream or download mittelschmerz' public body of work. these songs were created and released circa 2000-2002.

the girl from ipanema — the dictionaraoke version by mittelschmerz.

turn for relief — mittelschmerz's contribution to the free speech for sale compilation. 100% composed of commercials seen during futurama and on the sci-fi channel in 2002.

control over something — mittelschmerz's first composition. a lo-fi look into the distorted lens pop media turns toward females and the feminine in american culture.

evolution control committee

many people visit this website in search of various old, odd evolution control committee mp3s. you will not be disappointed if this is your interest. please click here for a page offering lots of ecc goodies.

orchid spangiafora

a smaller, but no less important, group of individuals find this page on their quest for downloads of extremely obscure orchid spangiafora songs (most from the late 1970s). unfortunately, i must disappoint you, as i have discovered that twin/tone (the label that released flee past's ape elf) is offering custom-burned cd-rs of this album for $15.

if you are unable to afford official releases and/or you are in a position to offer interesting trades in exchange for access to orchid spangiafora songs, please contact me at virago317 (at) yahoo dot com to negotiate.

update: new information from orchid spangiafora:

Some of the CD-R material is now on the orchidspangiafora site (click on Compositions). Several videos with Orchid soundtracks are on youtube. Searching for "spangiafora" turns them up, but for some reason searching for "orchid spangiafora" does not. (See: ). Byron Coley was planning on reissuing Flee Past's Ape Elf this year on CD, but he has found himself unable to sell new CD's recently. We are considering a second vinyl release with additional material. Twin/Tone will still burn people a copy on CD-R, but they also have made FPAE available via iTunes. Sonic Circuits V is, strangely enough, still available, and there is a very short Orchid piece on the 50/50 compilation by Some Assembly Required - and In fact, anyone who likes Orchid Spangiafora would probably be interested in the rest of the stuff on that CD.