it is a pleasure to introduce the newly remade mittelschmerz.org website. mittelschmerz is a relatively inactive experimental music group which contributed tracks to the free speech for sale compilation project and to dictionaraoke.org.

the person largely responsible for mittelschmerz, virago, continues to participate in the experimental music community in her own small way, holding membership status in animals within animals and snuggles. she hopes to play a more active role as she acquires more free time in the future; visitors to this website can share in this journey.

this website also offers rare audio files (mostly mp3s) by the evolution control committee (and formerly did so for orchid spangiafora, whose work has since come back into print). the early work of these two highly influential and significant experimental music acts has historically been extremely difficult to locate via any other channels; this remains very true for the ecc. these audio files are provided as a public service and will be removed immediately upon the request of the relevant parties.

recent updates and additions

launch of new mittelschmerz.org website (2.26.06)

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